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3:54pm 07-08-2021

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Salutations, Romance. It has come to my attention that you now possess of a guestbook, and it is my duty to annoy you now. Consider this a message of pestering intent. A quip, even.

All jokes aside, it's good to see your site in development. Perhaps I shall bother you more about it later since it looks better than mine and I'm petty. Wish you the best possible future the world has to offer you. Moredicai 'el vesuvi.
Replied on: 3:57pm 07-08-2021

salutations, lux. it has come to my attention that your sense of humor is intact and your quip has arrived in my inbox intact and with a fair share of Funny.

PFFF love you dude. i can and will bother you back in due time just you wait